Story of the Month – November 2014

A Hero on the Deck

What is a hero? Many people would say that a hero is a person who gives of oneself in order to protect the world, or save the damsel in distress. However, the definition of a hero does not end there. A hero can be anyone who risks their lives in order to serve and protect others no matter what the circumstances. This is why my grandfather is a hero. When the Korean War began he went and enlisted for the US Navy to protect and serve those facing the tyranny of the communists and to protect Democracy. He did not cower away from the struggles he was going to face. He bravely faced those who challenged to overthrow the government of South Korea and their way of life. He fought to preserve the freedom that the communist aggressors were threatening to take away from them.

My grandfather served on the USS Weiss during his time fighting in North Korea. The USS Weiss assisted in many different ways with the war effort. For one, the ship landed British Royal Commandos behind the North Korean forces on a raiding mission. Doctors were dropped off to help heal those who were wounded with the assistance of the Weiss. Also with the help of the USS Weiss and its crew Frogmen were landed on the shore near KaeSung on a reconnaissance mission. They brought aid to a US Marine detachment held down on an island surrounded by the enemy forces. Furthermore, the USS Weiss scouted for underwater minefields and launched underwater demolition teams who would then go and destroy the explosive devises. Not only did the Weiss bring aid to many, it also did its fair share of fighting. The USS Weiss was built with a similar structure to that of a destroyer; however, it was also capable of rapid departure and recovery of boats. As a result multiple times, the Weiss had taken on the same duties of a destroyer. It laid siege along enemy shores as well as enemy artillery units, coastal railroad yards, and supply storehouses.

My grandfather was not a general, however his role in the Korean War was very instrumental. While fighting along the sides of his fellow soldiers they were able to bring aid and continue the effort to protect the innocent. Each and every one of their sacrifices made a contribution to bring an end to the tyranny of their communist enemies and to preserve democracy. My grandfather has always believed in the right for everyone to have the right to vote. He even fought to protect this right, which he holds most dear. His passion for the right of all people to vote has influenced me to make it a point to always go out and vote in every election I can participate in. Furthermore, I will pass on this belief to future generations. The belief of every person having the right to vote is the most important part of democracy, and without it the United States of America would have never made any progress to being the great nation that it is today.