“The Wall” – In Memory

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In memory of Daniel Hoffman.  From Jessica King (March 2019)

In memory of Curtis Olen Turner.
– Anthony, Chiquita, Will and Jesse (Sept 2017)
– Sheppard family, Pensacola, FL (August 2017)
– Your Friends from Palmetto Lodge, GA (August 2017)
– Your Friends from IHMC. (July 2017)

From G. M. Wade of Ocala, FL.  (Sept 2015)

In memory of Estol May.  From T. Brock of Waco, TX. (Sept 2014)

In honor of Rochelle Reiss.  From H. Beckhoff of Albuquerque, NM.  (Sept 2014)

In memory of Walter M. Magda.  From M. Kash of Stroudsburg, PA, “In loving memory of Walter M. Magda, who gave to his country.  May his family benefit from his service during the Korean War.” (April 2014)