Women’s History Month


For Release on March 1, 2016

Descendants of Korean War Foundation (DKWF)

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In recognition of Women’s History Month, the Descendants of Korean War Foundation (DKWF) honors all the women who served during the Korean War era (1950-1953).  U S. women served in many ways, often finding themselves working close to battle fronts or caring for patients in hospitals. By the end of 1950 there were over 200 U.S. Army nurses stationed in Korea. Air Force Flight Nurses served while on board military hospital evacuation flights and on hospital ships.  Approximately 120,000 women served during the Korean War era.
According to the Women in the Military Services Memorial, the American Red Cross recruited women volunteers to serve in Korea and Japan as social workers and staff aides in military hospitals.  Army women were assigned jobs as physical therapists, dietitians, and nurses. During the severely cold winter of 1950, the Army treated over 4,000 patients for injuries caused by cold temperatures – frost bite injuries from sleeping out in the cold weather caused difficulties for many soldiers.
Women also served in the Korean War in other capacities.  Some women, who did not wear a military uniform, served as communications specialists, telephone operators, supply clerks, stenographers, dentists, intelligence analysts, translators, or spies. The United Nations provided administrative staff and logistical support from many of their member nations. Women lost their lives as a result of their patriotism. They all deserve our recognition for their heroic contribution.
The DKWF salutes these women who served and recognizes their contribution to the victory achieved in Korea. DKWF is a fully volunteer-run organization dedicated to recognize, remember and honor the U.S. veterans who served in the Korean War.  The DKWF is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established to express our deep gratitude and try to pay something back to the families of the Korean War veterans who served.   It is our mission to educate the descendants about the War and the heroic acts of their predecessors.
For more information about the DKWF, visit our website at: http://descendantsofkoreanwar.org
The DKWF Executive Board