The Descendants of the Korean War (DKWF) Research Project

For Immediate Release

November 9, 2017

DKWF – Veterans Day 2017 Research Project

Thermal Imaging Cameras Research Project

RE: Student Researcher Requests Korean War Veterans with Experience in Thermal Imaging, If you have any information about this topic, please contact Annie Tressler

The Descendants of the Korean War (DKWF) Research Project would like Korean War veterans with experience in Thermal Imaging Cameras to contact Annie Kessler, a student at NYU doing research on the topic. Her interests and questions are below:

Thermal Imaging Cameras in the Military

My name is Annie Tressler, and I am researching thermal imaging cameras. These cameras may also be known as “heat vision” or “infrared cameras” or “thermographers.” These technologies generate an image based on heat emissions. Some popular imagers used today are FLIR thermal imagers. (Their applications outside of their military use are extensive- including: screening for disease in crops, detecting illness in animals, and home inspections.)

According to my research, their first use was during the Korean War. I am trying to trace the history of these cameras used in various wars or in military settings. I am seeking veterans who have used, or have come into contact with, these cameras during their time serving. If this applies to you, I would be extremely interested in interviewing you, either over phone or via email.

These are some questions I am interested in answering:

  • What did these cameras look like? Small, big? Were they portable?
  • Who was allowed to use these imagers? Did you need certain qualifications?
  • What was the training to use these imagers like?
  • Where were they used? Were the users hidden from plain sight?
  • What was the protocol surrounding these devices?
  • What did you do if you saw a blob (person) moving?

Annie is currently studying at New York University; Department of Media, Culture, Communication New York, New York, as a Research Assistant and Events Intern

  • Conducts research under Nicole Starosielski (author of The Undersea Network ) on thermal imaging cinematography and art and their laws & effects on technology and society for her new book
  • Conducts research on alumni relations, responsible for building and gathering info from over 500 contacts for Young Alumni Council, responsible for building/designing website for NYU Disability Council


Annie Tressler  |  Phone: 570-687-7317  |  Email: