Women Who Served


March 1, 2015

DKWF 2015 Korean War History Project “Korean War Women Who Served”

The Descendants of the Korean War Foundation (DKWF) is proud to announce a new Korean War History Project focused on collecting stories about the women who served in Korea from 1950 to 1953. These historically significant stories will be collected and shared through our partnership with the Library of Congress Veterans History Project. The ‘Korean War Women Who Served’ research project will focus on women who answered the call to serve their country during a time of history when women were not allowed to fight on a battlefield, served in a wide variety of support roles, and who had courage to face unknown peril.

Recent history has confirmed that South Korea has transformed itself into the 12th largest economy in the world. As a result of the ties between South Korea and America following the war, Korean children have made outstanding contributions in the areas of education, science, medicine, sports, theater, film, the social sciences, and local business communities. Women, in large part, have been instrumental in this social transformation. The DKWF is dedicated to building the historical collection of eyewitness accounts and biographies of these patriots before they are lost. Capturing the true stories of those who served in Korea will add depth and richness to the growing collection of authentic voices who were there, never to be forgotten.

DKWF, a 501(c)3 non-profit and fully volunteer-run organization, is dedicated to recognizing, remembering and honoring the U.S. men and women who fought for freedom and democracy during the Korean War, often referred to as the Forgotten War. DKWF offers scholarship and internship opportunities to descendants of U.S. veterans who served in the Korean War.

DKWF is currently accepting personal Korean War stories from veterans and their families to be posted on the DKWF website and Facebook page. Please send stories with up to three photos to our website. More information about DKWF projects can be obtained via our website, www.DescendantsOfKoreanWar.org.

Contact: Dr. Ruth Starr, VP for Communications